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How to Connect a Humidifier to an Oxygen Concentrator ?

At the point when you utilize your oxygen concentrator routinely, you might track down that your throat, mouth, and nasal sections become dry. Unadulterated oxygen, particularly high stream oxygen over 5 liters each moment, can cause this dryness. Adding a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator will hydrate the wind stream and make your oxygen treatment more agreeable. How to Connect a Humidifier to an Oxygen Concentrator ?

Do You Want A Humidifier with An Oxygen Concentrator?
A humidifier doesn’t influence your oxygen treatment, so it’s excessive 100% of the time. As referenced already, high stream oxygen can cause nasal, throat, and mouth dryness. A humidifier can assist with making treatment more open to, keeping you more consistent with your oxygen treatment. You may likewise need to consider utilizing a humidifier in the event that you live in a raised climate, or some place with a normally dry environment.

You can buy a humidifier container and tubing independently or you can get a humidifier starter unit so you have all that you really want to add humidification to your oxygen concentrator. Both reusable humidifier jugs and expendable containers are accessible.

When Would it be a good idea for me to Utilize a Humidifier Container with an Oxygen Concentrator?
Utilize a humidifier bottle when:

You experience nasal, throat and mouth dryness during your oxygen treatment
Your primary care physician recommends humidification with oxygen treatment
Moves toward How to interface Connect A Humidifier to An Oxygen Concentrator
Connecting your humidifier is simple. Just follow these means:

Fill the humidifier jug to the fill line. Try not to pack and make certain to utilize just refined water.
Secure the jug cap. Try not to cross-string while fixing or you will get spills.
Search for the Velcro tie on the rear of your oxygen concentrator and fit the container into the lash. (Most humidifiers have an inherent rack that the humidifier container can sit on.)
Screw one finish of the humidifier connector tubing into the highest point of the humidifier bottle cap. Connect the opposite finish to the oxygen outlet port on your concentrator.
Connect the cannula supply tubing to the humidifier bottle outlet.
Search for rises in the humidifier bottle once all associations are gotten and you have turned on your oxygen concentrator. In the event that you don’t see bubbles, you might have a release or a free association. Check to ensure the cap on the humidifier bottle isn’t cross-strung. Additionally, actually take a look at all tubing associations.

Some humidifier bottles have an underlying tension sensor that radiates a piercing caution when set off. Assuming this occurs, basically turn your concentrator off and look at your tubing for any wrinkles that would keep oxygen from coursing through the cylinder.

Tip: Make certain to disinfect your humidifier bottle week after week to forestall microscopic organisms. Expendable humidifier containers ought to be supplanted like clockwork. Humidifier bottles are not dishwasher safe.

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