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Amigo EC-12 12 Channel ECG Machine

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EC-12 12 Channel ECG Machine is the most affordable machine that offers an automatic interpretation. The EC-12 12 Channel ECG Machine is easy to use and has a one-touch operation, which will make the procedure much simpler.

Features :
1. Portable delicate design, big Color Display, very easy to operate
2. Accurate pulse pace identification function and excellent auto-interpretation function
3. High-accuracy digital filter, auto-baseline adjustment
4. 12 lead synchronously acquisition and record
5. Working modes: auto/Man/R-R Rhythm/Storage
6.800*480 7-inch LCD display detailed ECG information
7.250 cases of storage and replay
8.Rechargeable 2000mAh Li-ion battery supports continuous works for about 3-4 hrs
9.Recording Mode : 3Ch, 3Ch+, 3Ch+++,6Ch
10.Real-time freeze function
11.112mm*20m high resolution roll paper to print ECG
12.RS232 and USB interface support USB disk storage

Product Specification
1]Model Name/Number: EC-12
2]Recording Speed: 30mm/s
3]Number of Channels: 12 Channel
4]Brand: Amigo
5]Display Size: 7 Inch
6]Voltage: 110-230 V
7]Frequency: 50/60 Hz
8]Time Constant: >3sec
9]Input Impedance: >50M Ohms
10]Input Current: <50nA

5 Years


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