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Amigo MBJ20 Jaundice Meter

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MBJ20 is a clinical tool used to monitor neonatal jaundice. It is noninvasive and tests the concentration of bilirubin in a newborn’s skin, correlating with serum bilirubin levels. This test prevents infants from being subjected to blood draws that can cause discomfort. Moreover, it reduces the cost of tests and increases the efficiency with which doctors and nurses can perform their work.
MBJ20 Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector is developed with advanced electronics and optics, adopting Fiber Optics spectrum splitter, controlled spectrum filter , NFM switching and information processing techniques.

  • Accurate results, instant and safe test
  • LCD display for convenient observation
  • Streamline design, delicate appearance , comfortable to hold
  • Long service life. Low energy consumption
  • Battery indicator clews battery power information and timely prompts battery replacement
  • Instant test result reading , providing serum bilirubin concentration
  • Storage and memory function
  • Browse and delete function
  • Convenient self calibration
  • East to operate and maintain
  • Mean value computation
  • Wavelength measurement at 450 nm and 550 nm
  • Can take more than 100 readings after full recharge


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