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Cardioline ECG100S

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An electrocardiogram with 12 leads, the Cardioline 200S is a diagnostic tool for diagnosing heart disease. A child’s or adult’s ECG trace can be displayed, acquired, printed, and stored. The 200S Cardioline model also offers physician overreading.

The 200S includes the following:
1]Patient cable
2]Power supply
3]Pack of paper
5]1 bag/10 of alligator clips
6]Guidance for the physician on the application to adults and children (includes interpretation key)
User manual
7]The device can be powered by its battery or the electrical mains
8]Language, date format, unit of weight and height are all adjustable. The automatic interpretation feature provides further explanations for the physician to review when necessary.

In addition to the general settings of all other EKG machines, EKG monitors require regular maintenance. It is important for technicians to perform functional and operation checks on each machine at least once a month. Finally, the technician will also need to clean both the unit and patient cables periodically. The printer itself must be cleaned as well.

The Lifeline Medical, Inc service department is available to assist customers with the overall operation of its new 200S ECG machine after it’s been set up. The digital display provides a clear image when setting patient information—which makes setup easy.

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