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CONTEC ECG300G VET 3 Channel ECG Machine

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Three channel electrocardiograph ECG300G-VET samples ECG signals simultaneously and prints ECG waveforms with thermal printing system, with recording and displaying ECG waveforms in manual or automatic mode, prompting for “Lead off” and “Lack of paper”, multilingual interface, support AC and DC power supply, optional rhythm lead for observing abnormal heart rate, case management, etc.

1]Sync sampling, digital signal processor, gets better quality ECG waveform by ECG signals filtering through the power frequency filter, baseline filter and EMG filter.
2]Display 3/6/12-lead ECG waveform, and states of print mode, sensitivity, paper speed, filter, etc. in one screen, convenient for contrastively diagnosing.
3]Multi-print mode and format: manual and automatic 4×3, auto 3×4+1, auto 3×4, auto 2×6+1, auto 2×6, auto 3-2+1, auto 3-2, auto 1×12+1, auto 1×12, rhythm 4, rhythm 3 and rhythm2, etc. Waveform length can be adjusted and timing print function is available, which meets the need of different applications.
4]Built-in high-capacity memorizer can store up to 1000 cases, which is convenient for doctor’s review and statistics.
5]The interface languages include: Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Kazak Tili, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Slovenian. Also the reports can be printed in all languages above.

1]Input mode: Floating and defibrillation protection
2]Frequency response: 0.05Hz~150 Hz (-3dB~+0.4dB)
4CMRR: >60dB, >100dB (Filter ON)
5]Time constant: ≥3.2s
6]Patient leak current: <10µA
7]Calibration voltage: 1mV
8]Sensitivity choice: 2.5/5/10/20/40mm/mV, error: ±5%. Standard sensitivity: 10mm/mV, error: ±2%
9]Noise level: ≤15µVp-p
10]Input loop current: ≤50nA
11]Input impedance: ≥50MΩ
12]Sampling accuracy: 12 bit
13]Security type: CF type of classⅠ, anti-defibrillation applied part
14]Recording way: Thermal printing system
15]Auto record: record according to auto-record format and auto-mode settings, auto switch lead, auto measurement and analysis
16]Rhythm record: record according to rhythm record format and rhythm mode settings, auto measurement and analysis
17]Manual record: record according to record format, manually switch lead
18]Specification of recording paper: 80mm(W) × 20mm(L) High-speed thermal pape
19]Sampling rate: 1000Hz
20EMG interference filter: 25Hz/35Hz (-3dB)
21Power frequency filtration: AC 50Hz/60Hz (-20dB)
22]Paper speed: Auto mode: 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50mm/s, error: ±5%
1]Rhythm mode: 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50mm/s, error: ±5%
2]Manual mode: 5/6.25/10/12.5/25/50mm/s, error: ±5%
23]Power supply: AC: 100V~240V(50/60Hz
1]DC: Rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V/3700mAh
24]Fuse specification: φ5×20mm, 2 pieces; AC time lag; T1.6AL250V
25]Anti-deleterious fluid degree: IPX0
26]Working mode: continuous operation device
27]Dimension: 315mm(L)×215mm(W)×77mm(H)
28]Net weight: 1.6Kg

Accessories Standard:
1]Lead cable 1piece
2]Limb electrode clamp 1 set
3]Recording paper 1 roll
4]Power cord 1 piece
5]Ground wire 1piece
6]User manual 1 piece


Physical characteristic
1]Dimension: 315mm(L)×215mm(W)×77mm(H)
2]Weight: 1.6Kg
3]Working environment:
1]Temperature: 5℃~40℃
2]Relative humidity: 25%~95% (no condensation)
3]Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa
4]Storage environment:
1]Temperature: -40℃~55℃
2]Relative humidity: ≤95%
3]Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa~1060hPa

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