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Dr Resp LongFain Oxygen Concentrator(5L)

An oxygen concentrator such as the Dr Resp Gvs Oxygen Concentrator(5L) extracts oxygen from atmospheric air. The device typically consists of an electrically powered molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) that separates nitrogen and oxygen from ambient air.

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Oxygen Therapy machines provide oxygen to patients in order to treat cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pneumonia, and other ailments. As well as helping patients whose body tissues contain abnormally low amounts of oxygen, it is also useful for rehabilitation.Physical oxygen supply can be improved by oxygen absorption. Oxygenation is needed to care for many people. A 5 Litre Home Oxygen Concentrator is suitable for the middle-aged and elderly, as well as pregnant women with poor physical fitness People suffering from physiological hypoxia may benefit from the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.It can also help reduce fatigue and restore bodily functions after physical or mental exertion.

LCD Display:
1]S.Times(Switch Times): It is calculated by number of times you have been switched on the machine
2]O.P.Mpa(Operating pressure): It show the operating pressure in the system
3]O.Time(operating Time): It is calculated by minutes, refer to present running time
4]Acc.Time(Accumulated Running Time): It is shows number of hours oxygen machine was operated
1]After starting the medical oxygen concentrator, the LCD screen is lighted, and it will return to screen saver mode in 15 minutes. but if you press the right key while working, the screen will be lighted again.Indicating Lamp
1]P.O.: Power switch (green lamp): If the oxygen machine is connected to electricity it will be green
2]P.F.: Power failure(red lamp): It means a power failure alarm, when no electricity, fuse is damaged, the red light will turn on and an audible alarm meanwhile.
3]L.P.: Low Pressure (yellow lamp): Low-Pressure alarm 15385-15387-Blue, which means When the inside system pressure is below 0.12, the light will be red and you may hear a continuous alarm, meaning there is some air leakage in the machine.
1]It is mandatory to use a voltage stabilizer. Make sure to use 1 KV stabilizer as a must to maintain life of the medical Oxygen Concentrator. We do not recommend the inverter, as the machine performance might get affected, make sure to use 1 KV stabilizer if you happen to use it. Always have a backup cylinder on hand.

Timing buttons:
The two buttons are used for timing adjustment, and each press of the left button(△) will increase timing by 10min, the max timing is 40 hours. And each press of the right button(▽) will decrease timing by 10min. When the right button(▽) is pressed to reduce the timing to “0”, the medical oxygen concentrator will turn off automatically.

Humidifier which is used for humidifying oxygen and preventing throat and nasal mucosa stimulated by dry oxygen and dry hard sputum difficult to spit out.

1]Model: GVS 5B
2]Flow Rate: 0.5-5 L/ min
3]Oxygen Concentration: 93% (±3%)
4]Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07 Mpa
5]Sound Level: ≤ 45 DBA
6]Power: AC 230/50
7]Rated Power(VA): 540
8]Weight: 22kgs
9]LCD display: Pressure digital(accuracy:0.001 Mpa), Accumulating t timing(range:0-99999 Hours), Present timing(accuracy:1 Minute), Presetting timing(accuracy: 1 Minute)
10]Alarm: Low & High pressure, Low purity, Temperature(Optional)
11]Standard Accessories: Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen tube, Humidifier bottle, Primary air suction filtering sponge, Secondary air suction filters, General Machine Manual

Warranty Period:
The product from date of sale, under normal use and storage conditions, warranty period of this product is One-year service warranty

Warranty Scope:
The following circumstances shall not be within the free warranty of the company:
1]Damage due to improper operation of users or use under abnormal conditions;
2]Damage o deformation of machine (including components and parts) due to collision or falling;
3]Damage due to dis-assembly, repair or modification by users;
4]Damage caused by natural disasters;
5]Wearing parts and consumables: atomizer, filtering foam, filtering cotton etc..

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