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Humidifier for Philips Auto BiPAP



System one humidifier analyses the following throughout the night to deliver optimum humidity.

a. Ambient Temperature

b. Changing Environmental conditions

c. Relative humidity

d. Therapy flow

This is for the ultimate comfort while also reducing rain out. The water source from the inner workings of the device is isolated by the humidifier’s dry box technology. This is to protect accidental spillage and water damage.


1. Delivering consistent humidity levels throughout the night, at the mask.

2. Improves sleep therapy comfort and compliance.A simple dial is used by the system to adjust relative humidity at the mask. The PR System One’s Humidity Control system monitors room temperature, room humidity, and air flow.

It enables you to maintain your preferred humidity levels, even when environmental conditions change.By controlling relative humidity output at the mask, rather than simply setting the humidifier temperature at higher or lower levels, System One Humidity Control provides a custom sleep experience . It helps prevent rain out tools.

Dry Box Technology for safety :The system One heated humidifier has the combination of cleverly designed water chamber and advanced “Dry Box” design. By this it virtually eliminates the risk of water spillage and ingress into the device.Even when filled to the “FULL” indicator line the System One’s water chamber can be tilted or turned upside down without leaking back into the device. Any water that manages to escape the chamber of the Dry Box will prevent it from entering the device itself.
Compatibility of Humidifier for Philips Auto BiPAP :This item is compatible with the following all “60 Series”
  • REM star Auto 560p.
  • Bi PAP Pro 660.
  • Bi PAP Auto 760, etc — as well as the System One REM star SE
It will not work with older “50 Series” System One machines such as the REM star Plus 250 and the REM star Auto 550. Parts for “50 Series” machines.


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