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Philips 3100NC Nasal Cradle Mask-Fit Pack

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Philips 3100NC Nasal Cradle Mask-Fit offers patients a comfortable fit. The small, lightweight design and adjustable headgear give them personalised support every night. Because of its advanced design and features, the Philips 3100NC Nasal Cradle Mask addresses clinicians’ concerns more effectively than any other mask available on the market.
  • Easy to use : With integrated magnets in the cushion and frame, 3100 NC allows effortless assembly of the cushions to the frame.
  • A comfortable fit : Smaller and lighter than the leading competitive masks in the nasal and pillows category. Can be adjusted for a personalised fit that can be maintained throughout therapy.
  • Creating value for you : It is the only tube-in-front mask that provides the ability to switch between an under-the-nose nasal cradle and silicone pillow cushion while keeping the same frame.

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