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Philips EverFlow Oxygen Concentrator With Humidifier Bottle and Oxygen Cannula

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Philips Humidifier Bottle For Oxygen Concentrator is used as a spare part in Oxygen Concentrators. When oxygen produced by the concentrator passes through the bottle attached to it, that’s called humidification. Humidifiers are used to keep the nostrils of people with breathing problems moist. As oxygen is dry and can make nasal passages dry, humidifying it makes breathing easier for those who have respiratory difficulties. To avoid this, the oxygen is passed through water in a bottle at room temperature, then released out of a pipe as tiny bubbles. The level of water inside the bottle is marked on its side. The maximum limit shows how much water can be added to it; lower than which will make the flow of oxygen through tubes insufficient and unsafe for your pet fish. As the flow rate increases, less water is maintained in contact with the bottle. If normal water is used to fill a mineral-water container there may be scaling or blockage of pipes due to deposits formed by different concentrations of minerals. Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent scaling, and check the concentration of water in the liquid before using your concentrator. The oxygen tank must be securely fastened so that it does not leak gas.

  • The oxygen concentrator shall not be pulled by the Oxygen pipe attached as it may damage the nut of the humidifier bottle.
  • Keep one additional Humidifier bottle to avoid inconvenience to the person using it for an uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

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