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Philips Respironics Dreamstation Heated Humidifier

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The heated tube blasts air at you for a comfortable drying experience. The DreamStation with Heated Tubing will provide a steady supply of humidified air and reduce the possibility that water damages your machine. By using an intelligent humidity control system, you can find the best way to protect your instrument and preserve its value. Having a comfortable pillow will enable you to sleep well and treat your sleep apnea as it should be treated.

Take Control

The Respironics DreamStation Humidifier offers control over its level of humidification, just as the Heated Tube does. To find the level of humidity that’s best for you, allow yourself a choice and you’ll be happier when you wake up. If the two separate systems of temperature and humidity could be made to work together harmoniously, you would receive optimum moisture in your environment. If you do not feel that using a humidifier is necessary, then there’s nothing wrong with that. You can turn it off completely by setting the thermostat to zero (0).

Adapt to change or Remain the same

It doesn’t matter what temperature you set the humidifier at when using the heated tube accessory; it will automatically switch to Humidification-on-Demand Mode as soon as you attach that tube. The Adaptive mode makes the heat plate temperature in your unit change to match the changing conditions in and around your house. The design of this tube prevents condensation from forming, eliminating the need for frequent drainage during sleep. If you prefer to keep the room at a constant temperature, the DreamStation has a Fixed Mode that lets you set your heat source (the humidifier heated plate) instead of having it respond to sensor inputs.

Note: Under certain conditions and settings, this mode can allow condensation to occur in the tube while in use.

Dry Box

Why fix something that isn’t broken? Respironics has brought back the Dry Box technology it is known for in the DreamStation. Dry Box Technology is designed to trap water in the Respironics DreamStation humidifier and away from the machine. The one way valve where the air outlet port is located further protects itself against water exiting the humidifier and into your machine.

Note: The DreamStation Heated Tube Humidifier with Heated Tube is compatible only with the DreamStation Machines. It will not have compatibility with other machines manufactured by Philips Respironics (whether it is the RemStar M series, Legacy series or the System One REMStar Machines) or any other manufacturers for that matter. The good news is the PR System One Heated Tube is compatible with the DreamStation.

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