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Resmed Lumis 100 VPAP S BIPAP TriPack

The Lumis 100 VPAP S by ResMed is a device made for non-dependent, spontaneously breathing patients with respiratory insufficiency. It’s easy to set up and use, as well as supported by ResScan management software.

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IntelligentAir is a line of ResMed products that are designed to be flexible enough for any type of sleeper. Vsync allows for excellent user–ventilator synchrony, even when there is a significant leak.

TiControl™ lets you set a minimum inspiratory time limit and maximum expiratory time limit for patients who need to be encouraged to take spontaneous breaths. Trigger and cycle helps optimise your settings according to the user’s condition, using five sensitivity levels. The QuickNav feature makes adjusting settings and monitoring your device very simple. Just double-click the home button to toggle between the Settings screen and Monitoring window. Lumis Climate Control Auto uses the same technology found in Lumia ClimateControl™, but it provides automatic humidification when used with a HumidAir heated humidifier andClimateLineAir heated tube. Lumis offers both Ramp (a gradual increase in sound intensity over time) and Ramp Down (an equally gradual decrease in sound intensity at the end of a session). ResScan software enables you to download your patients’ data, change ventilator settings and gain insight into their progress across a number of metrics. (Respiratory Volume per Minute is how much air someone breathes in, or exhales out.) High-resolution data is available in real time, allowing for detailed analysis of a subject’s breathing patterns.

Contents Of The Box:
  • Device
  • HumidAir™ humidifier
  • ClimateLine Heated tubing
  • Power supply unit
  • Travel bag
  • SD card (already inserted)
  • Manuals
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Warranty – 2 Years

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